Here’s to 2017

Found the most colorful spot in Gibraltar today #architecture #streetart #summer #pistolhands #typography #igersgibraltar #therock #diewocheaufinstagram #igersberlin #wanderlust

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Here’s to 2017. The year I picked up blogging again. I wrote about Details, Fun, Larry Clark, Mixtapes and Science. Things that connect to design and mean a lot to me. I kept tracking my productivity after I gave up on Wunderlist in 2016. I will do a comprehensive summary on that in early January.

The year I switched from iPhone to Android. 365 days with my OnePlus 3T – still not regretting that decision.

The year I saw a lot of inspiring and truly amazing talks by Wyclef Jean, Vivienne Westwood, Jessica Walsh, Alex Cornell, Jake Knapp and many others. Wyclef would later jam on a beach for us in what felt like a really intimate and private concert.

Fugee legend @wyclefjean performing live on a beach in Berlin - in the middle of the crowd, no security. #keepinitreal #fugeela #wyclef #breadandbutter #berlinsummer #hiphop #live #carnival3 #wyclefjean

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The year I started doing a series of interviews with world-class designer Aaron Draplin, Alex Cornell, Khoi Vinh and Frank Rausch.

The year I went to speak at dibi Newcastle about “Play” – and meet some really cool design people.

The year I ran two design sprints with my students at Design Akademie Berlin and thaught them about Design Thinking, working towards improving health care UX.

The year that populism and the attention economy took over politics in Europe and the US. I wrote a survival guide for that.

The year I left my job at Wooga after seven years.

The year I travelled a lot: London, Newcastle, Marbella, Gibraltar, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Los Angeles and Bielefeld – it exists!

Rooftop Sunday. #acehotel #bluesky #dtla #igersla #igersberlin #rooftop #architecture #diewocheaufinstagram #latergram

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#sunset #beachlife #tenerife #oneplus #surf #surflife #idontreallysurf #somepeopledontsurf #artchantry

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2017, you’ve been great!

2018, I’m looking forward to meet you.

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