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The Rise of Brauncore
Beyond the touch screen, there’s a new trend rising.
Superlist Review – Part 2
A Review of the Wunderlist Successor, – the bad & the ugly
I Switched to Superlist so You Don’t Have to
A Review of the Wunderlist successor, Part 1
Search in UX
More People have been to the top of Mt. Everest than to page 10 of Google’s search results – summary of Smashing Magazine's Vitaly Friedman talk
Creative Events that are Worth Attending in Spring 2024
Here’s a list of design events you should not miss in Spring 2024 in Berlin (and other cool cities).
The Return of Tech Brutalism
This is not a review – it is an explanation why the Nothing Phone (1) is such a hype. And who is behind it.
Johannes Ippen Designer