Goldsprint Berlin

Logo design for one of the most empathic bike brands.

When people ask me what I like about designing brands, I will always point them to Goldsprint. I know Alex, the founder of Goldsprint since we went to high school. We have been roommates in Berlin for some years – our appartment would always be crammed with cycles and bike parts. He has always been kind of a bike nerd and fixie enthusiast.

He started Goldsprint as a webblog and bike tailor for friends before he rented a showroom in 2009. Alex built his shop and community from the ground up, always remaining true to himself and his passion. Alex is authentic – and this authenticity is the biggest asset of the Goldsprint brand. Customers love this – they know that Goldsprint isn't just another bike shop, it's a community. It's where friends are, where they are always welcome to hang out for a beer and some bike talk.

When Alex approached me about designing a logo for him, how could I say no? The approach was simple and straight-forward: We sell fixed gear bikes and we're a Berlin brand.
The Goldsprint logo combines a big front gear and the Berlin bear, which I gave a bit more edgy look – boom.

Designing the Goldsprint brand was great fun – seeing it out there in the wild even more.

Johannes Ippen Designer