Johannes Ippen is an experienced and passionate conference speaker, covering design topics from infographics to HX design.

He has spoken at dozens of national and international events, including Creative Mornings, Beyond Tellerrand Warmup and dibi Newcastle. You can request Jo to speak at your event:

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Talks & Conferences

Print 2 Web – Interactive Infographics

A brief summary of how infographics can turn information into experiences.

dpa Infografik Event 2019 (extended version)
Beyond Tellerrand Berlin Opening 2018
dpa client conference 2018

Web Fatale

Seductive Websites through design, fun and interaction

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Product Crunch 2017
dibi Newcastle 2017
Creative Mornings Berlin 2016
Beyond Tellerrand Berlin Opening 2016

Passion Projects

How side projects have a positive impact on your well-being and your fulltime job.

Open Web Space 2015
Mobile App Europe 2015

Breaking the Web

What do chairs and the internet have in common? Why do we always repeat the same mistakes?

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Webinale 2014
up.front 2014

Wooga Evolution

Explaining the branding process behind the new Wooga logo – realignment over redesign.

Wooga Brownbag Talk 2012

Mobile Apps with HTML5 and CSS3

Apps with HTML5 and CSS3 are extremely popular – Florian Franke and Johannes Ippen show why.

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Webinale 2012
Single Source Forum 2012
iOS Developer Conference 2012

Design ❤ HTML5

Speaking about the Future of mobile editorial design, Tablet Magazines and boobs.

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Xinnovations 2011
Fraunhofer Forum 2011
Mobile Tech Con 2011