Best Talks from Figma Config 2024

Config 2024 has wrapped, we’ve all reviewed and test-driven the new features. But aside from product announcements, there were a lot of insightful talks. Here are my top 5:

Creating Plugins isn’t scary by Sara Vieira

Sara Viera is a force of nature. Her ways of making software development look vulnerable, approachable and easy to do is just a bliss to watch. Sara gives an intro to the world of plugin-making in Figma, which genuinely encouraged me to play around with the Figma plugin API myself – maybe I’ll publish my own plugin one day?

How to build for, and with, Gen Z by Jiaona Zhang

«J. Z.» explain how to create products for Gen Z from a millenial perspective, which – spoiler alert – turns into a talk about good product design for all generations. A refreshing take on how to care about the people using your products.

The broken promises of design systems by Cam Worboys

Cam gives us insides into the Wise and Cash App design systems, explaining how component libraries are not enough to foster creativity. Will the promsises of speed, cohesion and quality be held? Watch his talk to find out.

Why shitty robots are the antidote of perfectionism by Simone Giertz

You gotta love Simone. Her unhinged creativity and naive approach to solve everyday problems in the most lethal way is not only refreshing, it makes me want to stop what I’m doing and start welding something. I can’t weld, by the way.

Infinite curiosity: what the Eames legacy can teach us about approaching design

«We needed the following 8 iterations to learn that the first one was perfect» – Charles & Ray Eames urge for curiosity should be a real thing with how we approach anything in life. A must-watch!

What are your favourite talks from Config 2024? Of course, you can find all talks in the official playlist.

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